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Stadtwerke Jena
Smart City
Dominik Demuth, Christian Trümper, Silvio Hinspeter, Markus Fitzner, Till Fastnacht, Torsten Krönert, Laura Huß, Sascha Dobschal, Alexander Klauke, Frank Altwein, Virginie Meier, Luis Alvarez
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Before TDSoftware and the Stadtwerke Jena started MeinJena, citizens had to search for relevant information such as public transport timetables, local news, weather reports, event calendars manually on several websites or apps.

This was not only time-consuming, but also very inconvenient if you only had a few minutes to spare on a busy day.

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MeinJena stands as a user-centric solution, offering a seamless and enriched experience for individuals. The app provides free WiFi, daily news about the city, event information, the planning of local transport routes, apartment search and more.

With its mobile application MeinJena is playing a major role in supporting the city on its way to becoming a Smart city.

Now MeinJena has firmly established itself as a digital companion for the people of Jena – with over 20.000 active users per month.

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