App for social communities and youth clubs of Germany



UI/UX design

Cross-platform development

Brand marketing

User research
Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Social institution
Sascha Dobschal, Angelica Dovnar, Ryan DeBattista,
Laura Huß, Katja Polovyk, Christian Trümper, Markus Fitzner, Carl Zeitler, Jenni Kuhnert, Subhomoy Mukherjee
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The main problem is the lack of a single safe space for youth communities of Germany where people can interact, share ideas, and collaborate.

The existing communication channels are often limited and the absence of a secure and moderated digital platform exposes youth communities to potential safety risks.

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To address these pressing challenges, the proposed solution is the development of a comprehensive youth community app that acts as a single point of collaboration between kids and young people, parents and social workers.

Robust safety features, including content moderation, user verification, and reporting mechanisms, will create a secure online environment for participants.

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