First table tennis app with smart AI racket

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Janova GmbH
Angelica Dovnar, Laura Huß, Linus Mimietz, Luis Alvarez
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Traditional table tennis training and practice sessions may not provide players with detailed insights into their strengths, weaknesses, and areas needing improvement.

Without a structured approach to training, players might miss out on targeted practice. After a match or practice session, players might not have the time or knowledge to thoroughly analyze their performance.

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Considering all the problems that table tennis players face, we developed an app that collects and analyzes data to provide comprehensive performance insights, helping players focus their efforts where they matter most.

The app provides personalized training recommendations based on the player's performance data, ensuring a well-rounded approach to improvement.

Besides the training aspect, the app's social features can foster a community where players share experiences, tips, and encouragement.

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