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Luis Alvarez, Linus Mimietz, Nadja Schnürch, Markus Fitzner, Javad Ahmadzadeh, Jenni Kuhnert, Sascha Dobschal, Alexander Klauke, Stefan Lang, Carl Zeitler, Katja Polovyk, Silvio Hinspeter, Eiken Hinrichsen, Toni Frotscher, Sosan Neikbeen, Ryan DeBattista, Laura Huß, Christian Trümper, Jayashree Udupa, Subhomoy Mukherjee, Till Fastnacht, Mohamed Ben Taarit, Torsten Krönert
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Many travelers experience the frustration of paying excessive roaming charges due to complicated telecom contracts. The cost of using data can be pretty hefty, which can drain the joy of staying connected while traveling.

Obtaining a SIM card from a local provider often adds unnecessary complications to your travels. What should be a seamless step becomes a time-draining test. Imagine a tool that simplifies complexities, making exploration effortless and communication joyful. Wouldn't that be amazing?

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Together with DENT, we built cutting-edge mobile applications that provide global mobile data services in 70+ countries. DENT uses eSIM technology, allowing users to switch between mobile operators without changing physical SIM cards. No hassle to install an eSIM for each country anymore, and no more contracts or roaming costs.

DENT app is powered by blockchain technology, which provides security and enables a decentralized marketplace of mobile data. This allows users to buy and sell their mobile data in a transparent and efficient market, giving them more control over their usage and pricing.

DENT apps are the ideal choice for reliable and affordable mobile data services. Whether you need it for personal or business purposes, DENT provides a smooth mobile data experience.

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