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Fri 8. May 2020

DENT Worldwide Plans: One Operator. One Price.

Author: Ulrike, Senior Manager Brandmarketing at TDSoftware

After reaching the ambitious targets set it the roadmaps 2017-2019, such as launching DENT Exchange, the Mobile Data Marketplace, or the DENT eSIM, we are now bringing the DENT project to the next level. Currently, the app supports 233 operators in 121 countries and has 24.4 Million Mobile Users. With the launch of the new version of the DENT app, we achieved a significant milestone. Imagine you only need one data plan to be connected worldwide? DENT makes it possible.

Thanks to groundbreaking eSIM technology, users can buy a worldwide data plan valid for 50 countries and enjoy global data connectivity. It is no longer necessary to purchase data packages for individual countries – you can find a list of all the included countries here.

With the new version, you can also pay all your eSIM data plans and top-ups also in your local currency using PayPal or credit card. Furthermore, every USD purchase of eSIM Data by a non-crypto user automatically purchases DENTs on DENT Exchange! A further advantage for the user is that the data volume is not limited to a specified period. DENT gives a whole year of validity. The user can choose between three different plan sizes, depending on the amount of required data volume.

DENT Data Plans Sizes

DENT Worldwide Plans can can easily be used with the latest eSIM technology found in most advanced Apple and Android devices. The only requirement is a device that is capable of eSIM (=embedded SIM).

The team is already working on new versions and a new product, so the DENT success story continues on. You can get all the news as usual here in the Journal or on our social media channels.

Here you can download the new version for iOS and Android.

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