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Fri 26. Jun 2020

How to get started with Video Marketing

Author: Pedro Ramos, Videographer at TDSoftware

At TDSoftware, our video marketing work is integrated into the general marketing efforts, aligned with the communication demands of our clients. With an awareness of the importance of developing a video strategy, we consider how to incorporate different kinds of videos that are adequate for each step of communicating a product or company. Some video products demand recording, which we lead in a reserved in-house studio area for it. Other products, however, can convey a message better by the use of animation and motion graphics, and so forth.

It is essential to keep in mind that there is no “one size fits all” formula. That means continuous experimentation and a result monitoring process leading to the creation of a video identity that communicates the ethos and culture of a company better, through its overall visual and communication Identity.

Like with any other front, the incorporation of a video strategy demands the right professionals and tools. By analyzing the contact points, your company might be interested in establishing a video presence to keep in touch with current and future clients.

This planning should take into account which channels the video production will prioritize in the first moment, and consequently, how the videos should look, the demanded production efforts, and the mapping of the stages involved in its development. With that in mind, one can evaluate the demands of the professionals that should be included in the process and future investments, such as technical equipment and software.

Cutting through the noise

Just like with any Marketing Planning and implementation, the communication with the contact points involved in the production will influence the product that will reach your audience, which affects how the public perceives your company or product. That said, it’s essential for the professionals involved in the process to have a clear vision of the story a video strategy aims to communicate and who it is seeking to speak to.

If your company is not afraid of embracing experimentations, even better. This mindset helps your video products develop a character that has a sense of identity and communicates what your company authentically is. It can show what makes your product stand out, and why it deserves the attention you want to bring through your marketing efforts. The results of the process and the feedbacks it echoes from the contact with your audience, in turn, will influence and give direction on what kind of video products your efforts should focus on and provide insights that will inform which approaches worked out better previously.

Considering the pace in which the digital environment changes, and the amount of video content uploaded daily, one must not be short in observing the current trends in the digital and mobile video platforms, and where it is heading. What works out today is already different than what worked out a year ago, and what is currently on the rise might not stay the best practice in six months.

For example, with the expansion of Instagram Stories, the advent of vertical media took video platforms by storm in recent years. They are a relatively efficient and necessary video format to be worked with to reach audiences. By its turn, Tik Tok, which is an app that has been downloaded over 1.5 billion times, was downloaded 738 million times in 2019 alone. The most downloaded app in the App Store, with 800 million active users worldwide, has a particular set of best practices that are different from other social media platforms. That means practices that are efficient on one platform might not be directly translated to a different one.

Keeping informed on the current state of the art, rising platforms, and other technologies will help you to make informed decisions on where you might be heading next as well as which audiences you might reach, and how to enhance your communication with them.

And… action!

Can’t wait to start bringing the videos of your company, work practice, or products into life?

Keep in mind that you can implement your vision into motion, for differing budgets and current implementation capacities. Focus on the stories you want to tell - of your company or a specific product, for example -, keeping the awareness that there are many different ways of showing it. There are billions of people around the world that you might be able to communicate with through it.

Don’t forget to have fun - You might even ask yourself why you didn’t start before.

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