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Wed 27. May 2020

Boost your Marketing Strategy 2020

Author: Pedro Ramos, Videographer at TDSoftware

Humans are intrinsically connected. Across borders, languages, and cultures, the fundamentals remind us that we are substantially made of the same things - simultaneously universal and individual. We all share the emotions and feelings that are the essence of what constitutes us as human beings. One’s life experiences, to some extent, shape who they are, their view of the world, and how they relate to themselves and their communities. The stories that one lives, and carry with themselves through their life.

A Film, although a relatively recent development in terms of media and technology, has the very same capacity to tell stories and show realities. Whether through documentaries, or creating stories and imagining realities with fiction films, the way people understand their human experience has transformed, as well as their sense of community and comprehension of reality.

It is not a coincidence that film also revolutionized the way people relate with lifestyles, companies, and products since its very inception in the late 19th century. From the last decade onwards, however, the pace of this transformation has steadily increased. As the internet turns ever more into a video-based experience, online content consumption and creation also constantly evolve at a fast pace.

If a video-based approach to the world is here to stay, and everyone with a smartphone has already turned into a content producer, those interested in communicating with an audience need to follow closely the shifts in how this content is being created, reproduced and consumed online. As moving images are capable of telling a story and affecting people, they can also convey a message like no other medium, and that’s why brands and marketers face the ever more necessary importance of addressing audiences through video.

That’s where video marketing comes in. With its set of tools and strategies, it makes use of the storytelling opportunities inherent to video to convey the message of a product or brand, and deploy it to create and extend a conversation with an audience of clients, partners, and prospective new connections.

Infinite Reproduction

If in the past, a video could have been an accessory instrument of message conveyance and general marketing strategies, it is progressively turning out to be an essential element to be used by marketers and anyone with a message to communicate. With the rather fast pace of transformations taking place in the world, with subsequent changes in how people relate to media, and as new generations grow and enter adulthood already used to a more interactive relationship with content and connection, video is consequently becoming one of the most quintessential means of connection and communication.

According to Youtube statistics, one billion hours are watched on YouTube daily, and the forecasts are that, by 2021, the average person will watch around 100 minutes of video per day. Besides that, 52% of marketers state that video is the type of content with the best ROI (Return of Investment), and 64% of customers claim to be more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it, according to Forbes. As audiences are ever more aware and critical of using video for their process of making decisions about engaging with a brand or product, it also becomes progressively essential for it to be incorporated in one’s marketing effort.

However, it is not enough just turning towards video for the sake of it.

photo lens

With an abundant amount of social media, hosting platforms, and subsequent consumption habits, a brand must understand how video can better integrate into its overall marketing strategy, according to its target audience and how they engage with video online.

For example, if a brand’s main audience is predominantly aged between 30 and 45 years old, their approach to the video must be suited to talk with this audience on the platforms that are mostly consumed by the audience in this age span - such as Twitter and Facebook. If another brand wants to address Generation Z mainly, Tik Tok will tend to be more efficient. Besides that, each platform has its own best practices that influence how a video should be and will perform, such as length, video format, and overall characteristics.

If the work starts with understanding the audience for tracing an appropriate video marketing strategy, it doesn’t end when the video finishes and is about to be uploaded. How can the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) be improved to reach the audience efficiently? After the video is live and gathering reactions from the audience, what are the actual performance metrics that show how efficient the campaign was? These are some of the questions that need to be addressed throughout the planning and implementation process. In a feedback loop, such information can also influence the process of production for the following videos in a campaign and are an essential aspect of an efficient video marketing strategy.

You developed a new great product and need to make sure that it reaches the highest number of people. Or you want to bring more attention to what you or your company does best and show why it excels and stands out amongst so much information already available. It might also be essential to consider throughout the production process how you can make use of video to share your story. How to make sure you communicate what you are and what you do, and create a conversation with an audience that can be both in your neighborhood - or the other side of the world.

In the second part of this article, you will learn how to get started with Video Marketing. Stay tuned!

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